Your Baby’s Development in12th Month
Your Baby’s Development in12th Month

Your Baby’s Development in12th Month

Towards the end of the 12. Month has grown your Baby about 50 percent of its birth size, and has a weight of approx. tripled. It is becoming a toddler! Your Baby likes to bullshit and trying to make her Laugh. But still it fremdelt. 12. Month the movements of your baby are always safe. It easily switches between sitting, crawling and standing position and explored the whole apartment. It can keep safe on the legs and with the help of some steps. Maybe it can also make the very first steps. With twelve months, your Baby can climb without problems, up a flight of stairs. When you climb Down, you should observe whether the Baby can do this easily without danger. With precise Pliers you can hold your Baby two objects in one Hand, and things do not throw, of course.


Your Baby can handle also quite good with a spoon and independently from the learn-to-drink bottle of drink. The first words Simple requests (“Come”, “Give”, Take”), “Yes” and “no” as well as the names of some of the items understand your Baby. And slowly it will learn to talk. Many babies can say with twelve months a single, simple syllables, such as Ma-ma, Papa, Wau-Wau, or any other simple words. Employment and Play with the Baby One year olds can deal with it for quite a while alone and focused play, and preferably with Plug-in toys, of which the forms need to be sorted. Otherwise, they like to build towers with blocks But also “adult-things”, such as keys, comb, or pots with your child. It’s beating like one against the other items and is happy about the noise generated. In addition, your Baby imitates his behaviour, for example, meshes, and “on the phone”. And now, where your Baby can stand safely, makes dancing a lot of fun – your Baby loves music! Determined it bobs up and down and clap your hands when music is playing, like, good for him. Otherwise, your Baby will look like picture books and like stories.

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The Baby in the 12. Month promote


If the Baby is twelve months old, you should offer him as much freedom of movement as possible. In a child-safe apartment, it should be allowed to move freely and to discover.


Let your Baby be in so many of your everyday activities as possible. Whether it’s hanging out the Laundry, tidy up or go shopping – your Baby will enjoy the time together and the exciting adventure. Support your Baby in its independence, by allowing it to eat and drink. Play “cuckoo” with your Baby and stimulate it with music to sing along and dance. Although it is not always easy, but you have to show patience in the case of noise. If your Baby will shake, rattle, and knock, just makes noise then let it do that. It should be you at some point but too much, take him to the toy is not easy, but try to convince it sensitive to a quieter toy.

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