Your Baby's Brain Development in Third Month
Your Baby's Brain Development in Third Month

Your Baby’s Brain Development in Third Month

At three months, your baby will sleep longer during the night and have longer waxing periods during the day. It is becoming more and more independent and lively. His motor skills continue to evolve and he can express his emotions more and more clearly.

Your baby is making great progress in its development. Above all the ability to hear and see develop in the 3rd month strongly further. Your baby can now fix objects about 30 cm away and follow them with their eyes.

Development of motor skills

Your baby now learns to lean on the forearms in a prone position, raise his head and hold on for a little longer. It continues to turn from the back to the belly. In addition, it learns to move its head and limbs in a targeted manner and independently of the rest of the body.

If your baby is lying on her back, it touches everything that can be seen and reached.

Her child recognizes his hands more and more as toys: he examines and examines them by placing a hand or individual fingers in their mouths. It holds the legs bent over the body.

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 Interact and promote in the 3rd month

Her infant is now increasingly interested in his environment and tries to make social contacts. He looks attentively at you when you feed him and turns to you when you talk to him. Through various sounds, he tries to communicate with you and his environment. He expresses joy, for example, by squeaking and strumming. Untiringly your baby trains his expression and expression.

In the 3rd month of life, you should place your baby’s various items and materials in his open hands. By doing this, you can promote your feeling of touch. Baby mobile and things that dangle over his head, fascinate your baby and it will look enthusiastically.

Sure, your little treasure with three months likes to babble in front of you. It can even anticipate familiar procedures. If, for example, he is fed with the bottle, he can recognize it and express his joy. If the infant likes bathing, he is very excited when entering the bath tub. Provide for fixed rituals in the baby’s daily routine. Play his music box, for example, only when it’s bedtime.

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