Your Baby's Brain Development in Sixth Month
Your Baby's Brain Development in Sixth Month

Your Baby’s Brain Development in Sixth Month

In the sixth month, the early-stage reflexes gradually recede. The first teeth are already growing in your treasure. And if your baby wants, you can now introduce the baby food.


When you give your baby the extended hands, it tries to sit up. If you then pull it up further and bring it to a halt, it weighs the feet with its whole body weight.

Your baby can see three-dimensional at six months. From the perspective of the space, from now on, the switches are set for the crawling and walking of the surroundings. The coordination of the eyes and hands is so far developed that the baby with two hands consciously and purposefully grasps for objects and can pass them from one hand to the other. It can also drop and resume things.

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Beginning development of emotional intelligence


A further growth thrust in the 6th month ensures that your baby shows more and more feelings. Above all joy and anger can express it with gestures, facial expressions and different sounds. Your baby can also see at six months how other people feel. For example, if another child cries, your baby may follow. This is the beginning of the emotional development of your child.


Promote and Play


Your baby likes to be with you all the time and is conscious of your attention through sounds. It gradually understands the rules for a dialogue: When you speak, the baby listens to you and responds with different utterances. You can playfully promote the language development of your baby through reading and talking.


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