Your Baby's Brain Development in Seventh Month
Your Baby's Brain Development in Seventh Month

Your Baby’s Brain Development in Seventh Month

The immune system of the baby has now developed so far that the immune protection acquired in the mother’s body gradually fades. Your child loves sounds and shows a clear interest in mash and solid food. How you can now promote it.

Turning in either direction should not be a problem for your baby at the end of the 7th month.


In a prone position, it can reach with one hand for something, if it is supported by the arms. It can lie with both hands at the same time according to an object and can hand it easily from hand to hand.


The musculature of your baby is developing much further this month, so that it can sit at seven months without any help. If your baby is leaning on his hands and legs, it can shift his weight to one or the other arm in this four-legged position. It also likes rocking back and forth in this position

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With your help your baby can stand for a few seconds before his knees buckle. If you put your baby on a firm ground with your feet it goes into the crouch, then to repel immediately. Babies at this age love the Hopsen!


Many babies try to move forward in the prone position by pulling their arms forward. With a lot of practice, you can be a little bit forward with seven months.

The menu becomes more diverse

If you have not introduced any food, you should do so now. Fruit-cereal mash is particularly suitable for babies with seven months.


You will notice that your baby is increasingly interested in your food. You can now give him small portions of it and let it cost. This way, it will learn different tastes.

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