Your Baby's Brain Development in Second Month
Your Baby's Brain Development in Second Month

Your Baby’s Brain Development in Second Month

In the second month the senses of your baby develop. For example, he can always see better and smell. Why he sucks at all and how you can make your little treasure a great pleasure.

The hearing of the baby is worse in the second month of life than at birth. Sounds and voices fascinate your child anyway and it searches with the head the direction from which the noise comes. Your baby now begins to make even noises and is fascinated to listen. If your baby does not react to noise, you should have it examined by the pediatrician for hearing impairments or developmental problems.

The infant likes sweet odors and discovers that sucking on the breast is not only full, but also soothing. In order to achieve the same effect, the baby sucks with two months at his own hands and all sorts of objects.

Lift the Head


A baby with two months can control his head a bit: In an upright position it can hold the head briefly; In the belly position even briefly. But it must be very hard to see what you can see on his wrinkled forehead, raised eyebrows, and wide-open eyes. The grasping reflex slowly forms, for which the infant has always clenched his hands. By the end of the second month at the latest, the infant has completely opened his hands.

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Your baby now discovers the individual fingers of his hand by placing not only the whole hand, but also individual fingers in the mouth.

The open hand also gives the baby the opportunity to first consciously and non-reflexively for things to grasp. Light objects can be held briefly.


Interact and promote in the 2nd month


Between the 4th and 6th week of life, most babies are the first social smiles. He is glad when someone looks at him kindly or responds and “answers” then with a smile or with gurgling sounds. He also expresses joy by kicking his legs or fronds with his arms.


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