Your Baby's Brain Development in Ninth Month
Your Baby's Brain Development in Ninth Month

Your Baby’s Brain Development in Ninth Month

Your child is getting more and more mobile. It is curious and tries by robben and crawl to come to interesting objects. What it can do now and how you can promote it.

When the baby is in the 9th month, it has made so much progress in its motor development that it can safely sit and look around. Many babies now begin to learn how to crawl. An intermediate stage is the seal. Some babies are moving forward, some backwards. Others neither crawl nor crawl, but they move forward in their own way. No matter how, main thing, your little treasure shows interest in moving from the stain and trying it.

Your baby now also pulls up on your legs, pieces of furniture and other objects to stand up. With nine months it can stand its own weight with your feet, only the balance can not hold it yet.

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An item can take the baby from one hand to the other and drop it selectively. It makes him especially happy to let things drop intentionally. Your baby may clap his hands at the end of nine months and use a cord between thumb and forefinger to pull an object toward him. “Winke winke” to say goodbye works with most babies at this age already.

The baby communicates with you


Your baby shows clearly in the 9th month of life, whether it likes something or someone likes or dislikes. For example, it ruffles itself with unloved things such as washing, winding or brushing teeth. If it wants to have an object at a further distance, it can point to signaling this

Well-known finger plays, children’s rhymes and children’s songs recognize the baby and it laughs at the appropriate places.


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