Your Baby’s Brain Development in Fourth Month
Your Baby’s Brain Development in Fourth Month

Your Baby’s Brain Development in Fourth Month

Your baby is now interested in his environment and can always be more targeted. In addition, your baby now laughs and laughs a lot. How to play with him now

At the end of the 4th month of life, your baby can fix distant objects or people and assess the distance. His eye movements should now be stable, that is, it no longer looks and no longer crosses over.


Your baby can link sensual abilities to each other and reach for everything that is visible and within reach. At the same time, it no longer acts as a reflex, but attempts to reach a specific object. Until the 6th month the baby will always succeed.


With four months, your baby can hold a rattle in his hand, producing cheerful noises. It also reacts clearly to noise from all directions. It can still hear worse than an adult, but it can distinguish sounds and words, and it may even react to its name. It also discovers different tastes. The smell of the baby is now so far developed that it shows preferences for certain odors.

Muscle development, motor skills and coordination


The musculature of the back, chest and neck has developed. Her four-month-old baby can hold his head independently for a while while supporting his hands and arms in a prone position. It can turn from the back to the belly and / or the other way around. Its weight has doubled since birth.

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Your baby would like to stand by with your support. At the same time, his knees buckle as they can not hold their weight yet. Your baby should appear with the whole soles on the pad and do not pace on the toes.

The grip technique of your baby is already quite good and it continues to work on it. Towards the end of the 4th month, your child can lie on his back while he is holding objects from his side. The coordination between eye and hand continues to develop.

Interact and promote in the 4th month

If your baby is four months old, it laughs and brables a lot and is very active. It is interested in its environment and moves its head and eyes when it is noticed somewhere an activity. The baby is best placed to keep an eye on the environment.


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