Your Baby's Brain Development in Fifth Month
Your Baby's Brain Development in Fifth Month

Your Baby’s Brain Development in Fifth Month

Your baby will get more and more curious about the world in the 5th month, exploring things that can get hold of her mouth. It also develops its coordination. How you can further promote them and why you should now talk a lot with your baby.

Your baby hears and looks ever better. At the end of the 5th month, it is about as good as an adult. Although it looks at objects too, it mainly uses its mouth and tongue to explore it (oral phase).


Strong bond to mom


Your baby now has a strong bond to you as a mother or as a parent. It has developed a trusting trust in you and stretches your arms towards you. When you leave the room, it starts to quiver or cry. Come back, happy. In addition, your child gradually shows skepticism and restraint from strangers. This behavior will continue to develop in the coming months.

Musculature, movement and coordination in the 5th month


In the 5th month your baby is very articulated. It discovers his body and likes to take his toes in the mouth. The movements of the baby become more coordinated and fluid. Perhaps your baby can now turn from the belly to the back. Thanks to the further developed muscles, your baby can lift the head independently and keep it stable.

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Your baby likes to look around and take notice of the environment. If it wants something, it stretches out its hands. As both brain halves continue to join together in the fifth month and coordination improves, your child can gradually move objects from one to the other.


The grasping for things is gradually becoming more targeted. It is still done with the whole hand (palmar handle), by pressing the object into the hand and then closing the fingers around it. Your baby “patters” after the toys, but his fine motor skills continue to develop. You may observe that the feet and the uninvolved hand participate in the gripping movement of the hand.

The baby in the 5th month employ and promote


If your baby is awake, it would be busy. It is particularly fascinating at this age of his mirror image, which fascinates him. Otherwise it likes simple rhyme, speech and finger games as well as hiding and “cuckoo”..


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