Your Baby's Brain Development in Eighth Month
Your Baby's Brain Development in Eighth Month

Your Baby’s Brain Development in Eighth Month

Your little explorer is beginning to explore more and more. In doing so, it stretches and is robbed. Moreover, the strangling of your baby now reaches its climax. How to handle it.

The musculature of your baby continues to develop. Most babies can be half-safe without any help at eight months and come independently from the lying position to the sitting position. When sitting, she likes to open and close drawers and doors and prefers to take shelves and flower pots.

The quadruple stand should not be a problem for your baby anymore. It stretches and stretches and crawls to get to an object. However, it does not get really good.


The strangers at the climax


At eight months, the baby’s stranger is at its peak, which is why behavior is often referred to as “eight-month anxiety”. Walk around with it and ask friends and relatives to accept the normal behavior of your baby. Do not force your baby if it does not. Soon it will be more open and more confident towards other people.

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Baby development: strangers with eight months


Interact with the baby and promote the baby in the 8th month

The baby communicates cheerfully with you and articulates itself through sounds and brackels. The meaning of known words (eg, “No”) can gradually understand it. It knows its name and will protest loudly if you do something that does not fit him.

Your baby tries to imitate the adult. It learns through imitation and experience with other people. Talk a lot with the baby, which serves the language development. Also let it eat by itself, even if the time is a big mess. This is how you promote your child’s independence.

As your baby is getting more and more mobile, you should make the apartment child-resistant at the latest. Sockets, drawers, shelves or flowerpots should be adequately secured to prevent the baby from hurting. Among other things, furniture should be secured with sharp edges, hallways and stairs with a lattice. Make sure that no dangerous objects are within reach of your baby.


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