Your baby’s brain development in 11th Month
Your baby’s brain development in 11th Month

Your baby’s brain development in 11th Month

Your first baby can stand safely, it will begin to take the first steps. Moreover, it is becoming more communicative and enjoys the company of the whole family. Now you can get how to promote your child. Your baby can sit comfortably and crawls, grabs, slides or walks along furniture pieces (both-handed and one-handed). At the end of the 11th month, it should also free-hand and secure. Your first baby has found the balance, the feeling that it will take the first steps! In addition, the Fine motor skills your baby is very well developed already from the 11th of the month. The baby is now having a lot of fun moving things back and forth. It can go from the knees to pick up a toy from the stand and the ground. Rotaract and interact with your baby the baby becomes more independent and explores his surroundings is best. It knows the suggestive “Yes” and “no” The Bell and react to it. Your baby bell bans understand, but it needs many repetitions, so she does not forget. With (almost) eleven months your baby likes to laugh and very communicative. It articulates with different sounds and tries to talk with you. Everything serves as a practicing business running Baby walking aid – if necessary also stool.

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Promoting the 11th month of the baby

At this age, your little Darling likes to take items and give them. He likes to play with big building blocks, sliding or pulling the toys, books and play boxes, which make noises when pressing. Offer baby age-appropriate toys or suitable household items. If the baby is eleven months old in business, let it participate in the common metals. It learns to eat slowly and enjoys the company of others. In the beginning, will you still feed the baby, but in time it can lead to take small bread or fruit fits in your hand and mouth. Support your child’s independence by offering her mouth-watering food.

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