Your Baby's Brain Development Baby in Third Week
Your Baby's Brain Development Baby in Third Week

Your Baby’s Brain Development Baby in Third Week

The umbilical cord should be dried and the navel wound healed. However, it is not going to be dry, as most babies feel as comfortable in the warm water as in the uterus and are happy to give in to their urge to move. We will give you many tips on bathing! The body movements of your baby are still quite aimless. Has it taken something, e.g. Her finger, but it leads him involuntarily to the mouth.

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The same thing happens soon with your own hand. In order for your child to be able to learn about the environment and to stimulate his digestion, try a few simple exercise sessions, just a few minutes. For example, you can grab his hands and move in front of his chest. Or ride with the legs Vélo. Ideally, this is when you sit, while supporting your feet on a stool, and your baby is lying on your thighs. On the changing table you can slowly roll it over one side to the belly position and back. Your baby should be in a good mood. Stop immediately if it cries. Intensive speech contact is important for your baby, even if it can not answer you yet. Speak and sing something to him, then it feels secure and protected. When you talk to him, you will notice that you almost instinctively speak in a brighter, more friendly tone and easily fall into “babies language”.

This is not ridiculous at all, but has a good reason: Higher tones feel babies are more pleasant, and the repetition of short syllables (“la-la-la”, “ei-ei-ei” memorize. The first half year is crucial for the language development of your child, even if it is likely that after his first birthday, a comprehensible word will speak. So far, your baby has slept in the embryo, huddled together, just as she slept in her mother’s womb. The legs are tightened and the arms close to the body, which can be used safely with the so-called spitting. The hands, clenched with small fists, lie close to the face. Well, two or three weeks after birth, your baby has a more stretched, freer attitude and so you should better lie down in the back.

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Your Baby in Third Week

This and other measures clearly reduce the risk of the sudden death of children (SIDS). Also make sure that it is not overly warm when sleeping. If the weather permits and your baby is awake, walks in the fresh air in the park or on quiet streets is an important point in the day. But you can also take your child with you on most commissions. Various means of transport and wearing aids are available for this purpose. In the first few months, however, avoid too many stimuli at once. Large supermarkets or family parties are still a challenge for the little ones. Although they often sleep during the occasion and are handed out from hand to hand, they take on a lot and in the evening they usually have trouble working the whole thing.

At home, you do not have to tip on toes when your little one sleeps. Many parents even experience that constant noises soothe their baby, e.g. while driving or vacuuming Start a baby diary. In a year you will hardly believe how fast time has passed. And would not it be nice to have a few lines of memories for the future? For photos or small video scenes.

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