Your Baby's Brain Development Baby in 35th Month
Your Baby's Brain Development Baby in 35th Month

Your Baby’s Brain Development Baby in 35th Month

Infant development is advancing. The brain of your child is developing more and more, and thus the understanding of time. This allows your child to recognize and recall things at 35 months. For example, it can remember events that happened yesterday and it also has an awareness for tomorrow. Your toddler now has a good body coordination. It can now run smoothly, stand on one leg, bounce, climb steps and balance. High towering towers are no longer a problem, and his drawings gradually take shape, so that forms are recognizable.

When you’re crafting, your child can use a small pair of scissors. It can now also concentrate longer and can be distracted less easily. When painting or looking at books, your toddler can concentrate about nine minutes at a time. His vocabulary now covers 800 to 1,000 words and it uses about three to four words per sentence. Promote the child in the 35th month If your toddler does not want to have a nap, this is normal at this stage of development.

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Give him a much needed rest period in which your child can relax and feel good. For example, set it in the child’s bedroom or in the living room, into which it can retreat to rest. Play with your toddler! Physical movement promotes development and self-confidence. Let your toddler decide what it wants to play, so it gets the feeling that it has something to say. Promote the imagination of your child by giving him toys that represent real objects, such as a children’s kitchen or a children’s lawnmower. Remember, movement makes you thirsty. Your child will move a lot and can quickly lose fluid. Therefore, give him plenty to drink during the day. The most suitable are water, unsweetened herbal or fruit teas and juices, with a portion of juice and two parts of water. You should avoid sodas.

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