Your Baby's Brain Development Baby in 33rd Month
Your Baby's Brain Development Baby in 33rd Month

Your Baby’s Brain Development Baby in 33rd Month

Your child can surely flick the curve with the wheel or tricycle. An impeller trains the equilibrium, the body perception and body control, making it a perfect fit for later cycling. Switching from the wheel to the bike will probably be very easy for your toddler. Your child can dress almost independently. The toddler needs your help only in shoes and difficult closures. What your child now understands and what it can say Your child can always express himself more clearly and his pronunciation becomes clearer. Long, complicated words will shorten your toddler, but you will not have to improve it all the time.

Over time, your child will be able to pronounce longer words correctly, but at the moment it has no memory. Around the 3rd birthday the “magical” phase begins with your child. It looks at fairy tales with you and listens attentively when you read fairy tales to him. Fairy tales stimulate the imagination of your child, because it can interfere with his experiences. Fairy tales invite you to let your imagination run wild – there are no limits to everyday life. As your child understands more and more easily, tantrums become less frequent. Properly promote Support your child in his personality development.

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Give yourself enough room to be more delineated and develop your own will. Let it do as much as you can. Only in this way can it become more independent. Support it only if it needs your help and asks for it. In language development the toddler depends on good role models. Talk a lot with your child and motivate it with fingering, rhyming, poems and smaller stories. Read your child’s fairy tale and look at books together. The toddler can expand his vocabulary quickly if you talk about the past day in the evenings before going to bed.

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