Your Baby's Brain Development Baby in 32nd Month
Your Baby's Brain Development Baby in 32nd Month

Your Baby’s Brain Development Baby in 32nd Month

The physical development of the toddler has progressed almost 32 months so far that it can control its body almost one hundred percent. Your child does not have to concentrate so much for the individual movements and activities. It can jump off the ground with both legs and run on the toes. When playing with the ball, your child can more accurately throw and catch better. Its co-ordination ability is applied when playing with building bricks. Buttons can open the child without help. Rolling games are gaining in importance in the development of toddlers. They help the children to slip into the role of another person and also to move emotionally into them, thus developing empathy.

Certainly, your child is already asking the first questions about the difference between boys and girls and shows interest in his body. language development The language development of your toddler has developed strongly so that it can learn and play rhymes. It can not say anything yet, but it’s almost everything on its third birthday. You can have small talk with the toddler.

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Your child learns that language can not only name things, but also express their needs and feelings. Promoting a child in the 32nd month Use the enthusiasm of your toddler for music and movement. Sing and dance with your child. This not only promotes your language development, but also gives your child the opportunity to live out his physical abilities. In addition, your child is so playfully training your body perception and its motor skills. Slip into another role when your child plays roll games. How about if you are the child and let your child take care of you as a “mama” or “dad”? This is how the child learns to put a little into your thinking.

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