Your Baby's Brain Development Baby in 31st Month
Your Baby's Brain Development Baby in 31st Month

Your Baby’s Brain Development Baby in 31st Month

The motor skills of the toddler is now so sophisticated that it can work well with crafting with pin and shears. Even if it does not make any concrete forms on paper, the toddler loves to doodle leaves and cut small pieces. Playfully, the toddlers imitate the painting and writing movements of other children or adults. Your child is trying to walk on the toes.

If it bounces, it does so with both feet at the same time and it can be briefly on one leg. What your child can do now and understand In the third year of life the toddler develops more mental capacity. It can understand and understand connections. Since it has its own will, you now have to explain why it should follow a statement. Your toddler learns, for example, to understand why it should stop playing now if you want to go shopping with him. It begins to understand why you require a certain behavior from it. And it understands how certain procedures should be, so it reacts dissatisfied or indignant when others do not adhere to the rules known to them: when they simply throw garbage on the ground, eat with their hands or throw objects on the ground.

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The vocabulary of your toddler now consists of about 500 to 600 words, and it can form simple sentences of two or three words. Prompt in the 31st month Always interfere with questions in the conversations with your child. So encourage you to think. Show lots of patience and attention when your child repeatedly asks the same questions. By repeating the questions and answers it understands the connections and gets the confidence that it has understood your answer correctly. Always answer so that the child can understand it. Ensure that your child regularly has other children of the same age as playmates, so that they can continue to train their social skills.

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