Your Baby's Brain Development Baby in 30th Month
Your Baby's Brain Development Baby in 30th Month

Your Baby’s Brain Development Baby in 30th Month

The toddler is safe with 30 months of climbing and hitching. It can keep its balance safe and always better hopping and jumping, while swinging it can resonate with the legs. Dance and movement games give the toddler great fun and promote his rhythm. Your child’s ability to concentrate continues to grow. It can concern itself for a longer time alone and sink in the Rollenspiel with its figures, dolls or animals. Learning in the game Your child moves in his own world and can live his emotions – the teddy can be pissed out of anger in a corner. Some children love to dress up.

They dress like the “big ones” with coat, hat or heeled shoes. In the game your toddler learns what belongs to him or to someone else. In this phase of toddler development, you can better teach your child to share. It starts to interest itself more for its environment and plays with its friends. Promoting a child in the 30th month Give your child a hand when it needs your support during bouncing and jumping.

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When you jump, your child will experience it as a shared game and enjoy it. Give the child a crate of clothes and objects that can be used in his or her role. Remember to praise your child if it is disguised and proudly presents the result. This strengthens his self-confidence and motivates the child to experiment even more.

Your child learns the language primarily through imitation. In order to promote childhood development, you should no longer simply express yourself in a simple way. The language progress of the child depends on you. They continue to promote the language development of the child best by reading, looking at each other with pictures, and explaining what they are seeing and talking.

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