Your Baby's Brain Development Baby in 29th Month
Your Baby's Brain Development Baby in 29th Month

Your Baby’s Brain Development Baby in 29th Month

The coordination of your child is getting better and better. Your toddler can link different actions to get to his goal. For example, the child uses a stick or the like to get a toy under the sofa. When swinging it can swing with the feet. Drying and hygiene In cleanliness education the toddler progresses. It gains more control over the nerve and muscle control valve, and usually remembers in time when it needs to empty its bladder or intestine. The walk to the toilet has gradually become a habit.

When cleaning, your toddler needs your help, but if you patiently explain how it works, this will not pose a particular challenge for your child. Brushing your teeth is becoming routine. Make sure that your child is cleaning the teeth properly and help if necessary. State of language development Your child certainly knows some children’s rhymes and colors and differentiates between “you” and “me”, “deins” and “mine”.

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The words, for all that it sees and thinks, only bubble out of it. If your child is more of a quiet nature, make sure that she is linguistically mature. Do not exert any pressure. Some children simply need a bit more time. So encourage your child Give your child not only toys for playing, but also everyday objects such as comb, brush, bucket or broom. Your child can use these things for his or her role games. It mimics normal activities and learns them.

Finger games, rhymes and children ‘s songs serve the development of the language. In addition, you should allow your child plenty of space and time to live out his creative side. Let it play with all sorts of colors and materials, and also keep an eye out when it’s messy and muddled. Before you play, simply make some preparations (for example a pad on the table or floor).

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