Your Baby's Brain Development Baby in 28th Month
Your Baby's Brain Development Baby in 28th Month

Your Baby’s Brain Development Baby in 28th Month

Everything is going smoothly now, your child has gained in safety and balance in safety. It is busy practicing hopping and jumping. At first, it bounces off a step or another elevation with both legs and lands with both feet simultaneously on the ground.

Your own will becomes stronger In this phase of infant development, your child shows more self-esteem. It already knows quite well what it likes and what does not. Verbally the toddler can communicate better and better, but if that does not help, it tries to get through even physically. Sometimes, your child bites or bangs to clear his point. Keep your child’s limits, but bring him a lot of understanding. In this development phase your child needs a lot of support.

After all, he has to learn that his wishes are not always fulfilled. Just let it decide in things of everyday life, whether it would like to attract the blue or red sweater, for example. This is how it learns that it can and must demand its desires. This strengthens his self-awareness. Promote the baby in the 28th month Make bounce and fun with your child. Most children are very fond of music and well-known children’s songs.

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When planning to walk, plan enough time so that your child can have a good time. If it is unused, it can be very displeased and dissatisfied. Give your child the opportunity to communicate his needs and respect his wishes. Explanations help your child to accept instructions or prohibitions. Do not ask him to be always behaving properly. Children learn by trying out things and exercising their own boundaries as well as the boundaries of others.

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