Your Baby's Brain Development Baby in 27th Month
Your Baby's Brain Development Baby in 27th Month

Your Baby’s Brain Development Baby in 27th Month

Meanwhile, your child can already run very safely. It can decelerate during the race, change direction while walking and look over the shoulder without losing the balance. Reversing does not cause problems for the toddler and it learns to jump. In this phase of infant development, your child can not only kick a ball, but also throw it overhead with arms outstretched – only the exact aiming does not yet work so well. Your child will probably climb stairs up and down without putting both feet on one step. In the playground the toddler grows around, climbing up and down the scaffolding and making the slide fun. Language development in the 27th month When you are 3 years old, your child is very chattering.

His vocabulary now comprises between 250 and 300 words. Sometimes, however, it still touches its linguistic boundaries, but it can also communicate with you on a non-verbal level much better since it has learned more gestures over time. In this phase of toddler development, your child is sometimes frustrated when it is not understood. This can turn into tantrum, but usually it calms down by itself. Your child knows what “my” or “your” is. It understands the meaning and differences of property words such as “big”, “small”, “thick”, and “thin”. It likes talking to others, of course also with its stuffed animals and play figures.

The vocabulary is so great that the toddler can read things quite comprehensively when reading books. What makes your child happy Sure, your child is very fond of painting. While it still holds the pen still quite wry, it brings the first forms on paper. The best way to do this is using solid paper and wax crayons. It also arranges and arranges items according to colors or shapes. At the age of 3, your child starts playing with other children. There are occasional disputes, because child is not yet ready to share. This is how you promote your child in the 27th month Encourage the mental development of your child by answering your questions so that your child understands you. Also, ask your toddler to find out what is busy and what interests them.

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Facilitate your child’s learning by explaining exactly what you are doing when you prepare the food: why you wash the salad, why you remove the green from the carrots, and so on. If you have a garden, give your child a little bed all by himself. Help him or her to put flowering worms, or to plant fast growing herbs and flowers. It will be quite responsible with his bed and be very proud of his products. If you are traveling with your toddler, tell him what is happening all round.

For example, why you are at the traffic light at the red, the cars in front of the zebra tire and the truck transports goods. Your child literally sucks up all the new information – so make sure you do not overwhelm it with too much information. You will surely notice your child when it is alert and interested and when it is too tired to be able to process further information.

Puzzles a lot with your child. It is best to use wooden puzzles, the parts of which can be easily grasped. Give him a puzzle at the beginning, in which every single part is clearly recognizable, on which a tree for example is depicted instead of only a colored surface. Tell your toddler why the parts belong to this or that place. Soon the puzzle will be assembled with great enthusiasm.

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