Your Baby's Brain Development Baby in 23rd Month
Your Baby's Brain Development Baby in 23rd Month

Your Baby’s Brain Development Baby in 23rd Month

Your child is certainly very active, he likes to run and often goes on a discovery tour. If your child gets something wrong during the race, however, there is a problem with changing the direction in time. If possible, your child climbs up everywhere to reach a coveted object. It is capable of doing this with a chair, a box or the like. It is now possible to distinguish and assign colors and to build blocks of building blocks. To music and when you sing your child’s childrens, it moves merrily. It goes with it and eats you. Light switches, drawers, cabinets, TVs and other devices have a great appeal to your child. It looks forward to the effect when it presses a button, the bell or the switch. In this phase of infant development, your child begins to deal with playmates. Even if they are not playing with each other, they only feel side by side, your child feels quite comfortable with other children.

Do not forget to brush your teeth! If you have not done so, it is high time that you bring your child to an independent dental care. It certainly mimics this. Show your toddler how the teeth should be properly trimmed to avoid tooth decay. Since caries is contagious, an affected molar tooth can infect the neighbors or even the permanent teeth. The milk teeth should be cleaned with a toothpaste for children at least twice a day.

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Make sure your toddler uses a child-friendly toothbrush. Be a good example for the child and take time to brush your teeth. In the initial phase, it can not hurt if you brush your teeth for your toddler. This is how it is learned from the outset how important the brushing is. Promoting a child in the 23rd month Make sure that your child has enough rest. You can also give him an acoustic rest by not exposing it to a permanent background sound through radio and television. In this phase of infant development, take your child with a dentist without the dentist treating the child. So the toddler will get to know the environment and the dentist and the first examination will be more relaxed for your toddler. Your child may also want to be examined with you at the same time. Also keep an eye on the child safety of your home. Also, consider possible tools and teething aids that could allow your child to get dangerous items in their hands or to get injured while trying to escape the drank.

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