Your Baby's Brain Development baby in 22nd Month
Your Baby's Brain Development baby in 22nd Month

Your Baby’s Brain Development baby in 22nd Month

Your child is no longer so broad-legged as the belly and hollow cross. It is now running parallel to each other while running. It loses more and more of its babies’ pigtails, instead muscles are formed. Your child can bend, remove an object, and re-erect it. Progress in the development through the game In fine-motor development, your toddler is making great progress. It likes to play with items that can be stacked or stacked, as well as with toys for pushing and pulling.

Through playing, your child learns to use the skill of his hands, and the development of vision and hearing is further developed in a playful way. The imitation continues to play an important role in this phase of infant development. The child imitates the behavior of others and animals. Concentrating will make your toddler lighter, so it can be quite easy on your own. Language development in the 22nd month Your child’s vocabulary expands rapidly. Now your toddler understands coherent procedures better and is more patient because it understands that you want to finish an initial work.

However, do not expect too much patience from your toddler, it also tests its limits. If your child is 22 months old, there may be two-part instructions like “Please take the jacket and bring it here”. However, it may react in frustrated circumstances if the tasks assigned to it are too difficult or something does not work as it should have. Gradually, your child will give instructions (“do not go to bed” or “eat now”). Do not, however, satisfy your wish, just because it speaks to it. Make it clear to him that you have understood it and explain to him why it does not fulfill his wish. Often a new tantrum develops on the part of your child, which you should largely ignore. Promote the child in the 22nd month Give your toddler simple wooden puzzles and building blocks to play with. It will be a great pleasure to show you how quickly the parts can be assembled correctly. In addition, it can train its new motor skills.

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If your child likes to play with building bricks or stones, you can integrate small figures like males or animals into the game, so he can pursue his need for rolling games. Exercise games, music and rhymes may like your child at this stage of toddler development very much like. Since it learns a lot about imitation, it needs you and other reference people and playmates as role models. Include the toddler in your everyday life

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