Your Baby's Brain Development baby in 21st Month
Your Baby's Brain Development baby in 21st Month

Your Baby’s Brain Development baby in 21st Month

Your child is very lively and this can sometimes be very stressful. It always reacts annoyed and frustrated when you have to set limits on your movement and discovery drive. State of language development In the 21st month, your child’s imitation is very strong. It enjoys conversations with others and tries to counter individual words or the last word of a sentence. Known images or items can name your toddler and it understands simple prompts. Self-awareness grows – and with it, one’s own will Your child is gaining in self-awareness more and more and his individual qualities are now more and more apparent. It develops your own wishes and goals, which can lead to tantrums if you have to set limits on your offspring.

The toddler also gets angry when it can not be so comprehensible. This, however, comes as soon as it expands its vocabulary. Promote the toddler properly in the 21st month If the baby wants to help in the household: For example, involve your child in your work during gardening or in the kitchen. They can do everyday activities, such as cleaning their hands and brushing their teeth, and bringing these things to life through the strong imitation drive. Take care that your child is not constantly nuzzling at the drinking bottle and is not so much sweet.

Both damage the teeth. Sweets should only be served as a dessert and should not be left in between so that your child can still have appetite for the right meals. If you allow candy to your child, please only in moderation. Otherwise, let your child decide what to eat If family and friends are involved in child care, your childhood will not be too difficult to separate from you. With a strong sense of self-esteem and self-awareness and in a familiar environment the toddler does not feel so lost when you are not present. Preventive examination U7 – 21st to 24th month of life Towards the end of the second year the U7 is on. The pediatrician examines whether childhood development is age-appropriate.

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The focus is on the language and hearing development of your child, his motor development and the development of his social behavior. Your toddler should be able to speak ten words in the U7 and understand about 250 words. It should be understandable with two-word phrases, known animals and objects, and also short summaries. The pediatrician also tests if your child knows his first name. The motor development is checked by the pediatrician in the play with your toddler and by small tasks. In order to assess the social behavior, he / she takes care of the independence and the interaction ability of your child. He will also ask you questions about the behavior of your child at home. He also talks about drying. Pending or pending vaccinations for your baby should be performed at the U7.

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