Your Baby's Brain Development Baby in 20th Month
Your Baby's Brain Development Baby in 20th Month

Your Baby’s Brain Development Baby in 20th Month

If your child is 20 months old, he loves trips outside, so he can live out his progress and his other motor skills. The excursions to the outdoors often lead to a discovery and adventure trip. The toddler scrutinizes everything it finds along the way, lifts pebbles and sticks, scrutinizes objects exactly and is very active. Your baby will probably not want to be pushed into a baby carriage or buggy. In addition, it has a relatively good memory capacity. From the eyes is now no longer out of mind. When you return from shopping, it will be targeted in the bags and bags after the purchased biscuits, which were still in the shopping basket. Your child can handle his / her hands in a targeted way, so that the putting on and taking off already quite well. It can even turn around in the book, drink from a glass and eat with a spoon. Also the handling with a pen folds always better. Non-toxic plasticine can now inspire it. It will not be able to mold them into recognizable figures, but they will drift in it, pushing them flat and breaking them apart – a great occupation!

Your toddler loves rhymes and finger games and likes to play with the ball: kick, throw and roll. Besides, it still imitates you and your activities. He likes to make noise and music and moves rhythmically by waving his knees, wiggling his hip, or turning round and clapping his hands. Language development is making great progress The child can now form a meaningful sentence with two or more words and understand simple connections. It usually uses words that refer to certain familiar objects or people, for example siblings, grandparents, dog of the family or friends. If the toddler wants something, it can tell you this. Separations are difficult Binding to familiar persons plays an important role for your child in this phase of infant development. Only reluctantly separates it from you and it starts again to strange. Your toddler may be resolved and cried each time she is separated from you. Promote a toddler in the 20th month You should read aloud to your toddler, which will animate her to try out new words. The simplest picture books are suitable for this purpose. Talk to your toddler and listen to him.

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This is how it learns the language rules and understands when it is with speeches and when listening. Protect your child from dangers that it can not yet recognize as such. But do not limit the exploratory spirit of your child as little as possible and encourage them to try something new. Promote your self-employment by assigning tasks to them while eating or dressing and “making it easy”. In this phase of infant development, you should carefully prepare your child for an imminent separation if, for example, you have to leave shortly, so that your baby is not too restless and tense. Make it clear to your child that you will be safe. For your toddler it is easier to deal with the separation situation in a familiar environment and with familiar people.

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