Your Baby's Brain Development Baby in 17th Month
Your Baby's Brain Development Baby in 17th Month

Your Baby’s Brain Development Baby in 17th Month

In the child, walking is always safer and therefore less need to use the arms to balance out their steps. It is attracted by stairs properly. Without any exertion, she climbs up. Teach your child how to climb the stairs safely. Drinking teats do not need your child at this stage of infant development. A small glass or hand-held cup can hold it and drink from it alone.

Your child’s language development

Progress in language development In the 17th month, your child may be very talkative, even if his vocabulary is not so great. It tells stories, imitating the tone you learned and your way of speaking. Your baby will be taken seriously. So listen carefully when talking to you. At this age, many children still have difficulty articulating S- and R-sounds, or they exchange K-sounds with T-sounds at the beginning of the word (“Diste” instead of “Kiste”). What your child likes to do now Children of this age love music and dance and clap when they like a song. And now they have a great urge to move around and they like to romp about. It tries to make you laugh because of silly things, but also likes to test your limits by doing something forbidden and waiting for your reaction. Apart from that, it continues to play role-playing games and imitates your everyday life, which is why dolls and household items belong to his favorite toys. Toddler in the 17th month In order to promote language development, you should speak with your child’s questions in full sentences and clearly with your child and do not use a baby language.

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Also, do not imitate his language mistakes, even if you find them cute. This is the only way the toddler can expand his vocabulary and learn to speak correctly. Children ‘s games, combined with movement games and finger games are very popular with most small children and promote motor and linguistic development. Try to deceive your pacifier or only at night, because with pacifier in the mouth it learns to speak badly. Prepare the food for children, so that your toddler can eat independently.

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