Your Baby's Brain Development 16th Month
Your Baby's Brain Development 16th Month

Your Baby’s Brain Development 16th Month

Your child is now always safer and can build quite high building towers. What your child likes most now, why you should leave it muddled and how best to react to tantrums. If your child is walking on your hand, it can turn backward in the forward direction without losing the balance. His dexterity and motor skills continue to evolve, allowing him to build ever-higher building block towers. If your child is 16 months old, it can run relatively safely and throw a little more targeted. With the ever-safer course, the body of your child also changes. He is increasingly muscular and powerful. The spine stretches, which makes the body look longer and less compressed. The head of your toddler does not appear as large as the rest of the body. I, myself, mine! Your toddler would like to become more independent. In everyday life, for example, the shoes themselves try to attract themselves. It helps when you get it on and off and is happy when it can help you with household tasks with simple tasks.

If your child is 16 months old, it is always trying to push through her will. It will use the word “no” more frequently and will not follow your desires more easily, but will also make demands and test limits. If something does not go after his head, tantrums are not uncommon. What your child likes to play now Certainly, your baby can now concentrate on a picture book quite well and deal with a toy alone for a while. Full of patience, for example, wooden figures or wooden pens hammer into corresponding holes and openings in sorting games. Baby paints with pen and paper Painting is a new favorite job. Look for safe materials. Many children also doodle with pen and paper. It still holds the pencil with the whole fist. Things that your child can push or pull, such as a doll’s car, like it too, because they offer him support in walking.

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The sandbox is also great to muck on, which your child now also particularly likes. Otherwise, she likes to play with the “adult things” and would like to help you with every activity. Children’s kitchens or workbenches are now very well received by the busy little ones. Language development in the 16th month When asked what it means, your toddler can name his name. And even if it does not always understand individual words, it can understand the meaning of what has been said. In picture books, your child recognizes known objects and can name them (soon). Promote the 16 month old toddler Leave your child in the sandbox or even while eating a bit of experimentation and mud. In this way, he learns different consistencies and trains the sensitivity of his sense of touch. Baby matted with noodles Let your child eat independently and accept chaos. Before your child can hold a pen properly and draw, he likes to doodle and loves different colors. Provide him with colored chalks and non-toxic crayons. Offer your toddler sheets and panels on which to paint and doodle. It is also great fun to delete older works and create something new. If your child is 16 months old, give him some small tasks that can help you in the household, for example. Be aware of your need for self-employment and, if possible, plan more time to put your child on as much as possible. And what about tantrums? If your child is annoyed about himself, because something is not yet enough, do not take away all the work. Offer him minimal help. If a book page can not be flipped by itself, just lift the page a little so that it can turn pages.


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