Your Baby's Brain Development 14th Month
Your Baby's Brain Development 14th Month

Your Baby’s Brain Development 14th Month

Sitting, crawling, standing – everything is no longer a problem. Only running has yet to be practiced a lot. Why you should praise your toddler a lot and what she likes to do now. If your child is 14 months old, it can maintain balance in free standing and learn diligently to walk by moving from one object to another or learning to use other supports to walk. Your toddler can already take the first steps to the next support freehand! It likes to run and uses every opportunity to run.

The first steps alone are still very uncertain. The child is wide-legged, putting the whole foot on the floor. At the end of the 14th month, your child can safely hold smaller objects in their hands. When you give him pen and paper, it dribbles the first “paintings” on the paper or whatever is currently available. Individual building blocks can easily place your child on top of each other. Babbling without end As soon as the first words are learned and pronounced, the mouth of your toddler will hardly hold still. It does not only point to things that it would like, but also tries to name them. If your child still does not have any interest in communicating with you, let his / her hearing be examined by the ENT physician for disorders. Baby talking on phone with toy phone Your baby mimics your behavior and “phone” for example with the grandma.

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Employment and games Your toddler is thrilled when he hears or sees that his actions trigger something. Therefore, noise is now making one of his favorite occupations. For example, he likes to hit the table with his hands, throwing a building block or knocking on a pot with a spoon. Your toddler imitates you and you will recognize a lot of your behavior in its activities and roll-up games. Promote your baby Support your baby’s walking with lots of praise. Show your child the joy of achieving the goals you have achieved and how proud you are of his success – that spurs on! But do not overstrain your child too early with any running aid. Sooner or later, all toddlers learn to walk alone. Your toddler now discovers things that it finds interesting. Plan enough time buffers in everyday life so that a small stopover without stress is always possible. In order to promote childhood development, you should encourage your child in his curiosity. Thus, his creative potential will be successfully developed.

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