Your Baby Brain Development Baby's Second Week
Your Baby Brain Development Baby's Second Week

Your Baby Brain Development Baby’s Second Week

In addition to the care of the baby the family household is also organized. It is very important that you speak to your partner in person before giving birth. Fairplay also applies at home! Sure, there are also offers from friends or relatives to help you take away paths or do things. You should definitely do it! Make sure you take a little care that you and your child will be given great attention.

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In case of doubt, everything can wait, except for your baby, which you will be particularly demanding in the first few weeks. And if you want to have a short break, you should turn on a pampering program for yourself: a nap, a few relaxing exercises … If your baby is full after meals or hears a gentle voice, it sometimes smiles.

This “angel smile” is still unconscious and not directed at all – but it strengthens our affection and awakens the protector’s instinct. It could have been a life-time before. Sucking and hand chewing are currently his main activities. The congenital grasping reflex is clearly visible: touching the palm of the baby with the index finger, then the fingers and thumb close around him and hold him so tightly that the child could be pulled up. But it loses its “running reflex”: If it is placed on the feet, it sags. In the back, the baby puts the head on its side. She tries to lift him up for a moment and put it on her side.

Your Baby’s Second Week

The arms and legs are still uncoordinated and moved jerkily. By the end of the month, it gains more control over its muscles and the movements become more fluid. Do not be frightened if your baby is a little crooked. This also usually occurs when the eye muscles work more coordinated. Not infrequently, one eye is glued. Cause may be a blocked tear duct. The baby can produce a few laryngeal noises involuntarily and sometimes worries parents by snorkeling breathing sounds, especially at night. This is due to a too soft throat cover and harmless.

If you breastfeed your child, it will be the first difficulties this week. Because many babies constantly ask for their breasts and scream again immediately after breastfeeding, the parents interpret this as a sign of unsatisfied hunger. However, babies take what they need, and they are more likely to get quiet babies who get too little. In the first three weeks, eight times breastfeeding per 24 hours is considered a normal average. Do not be discouraged, but seek help from a midwife, nursing or maternity counselor. Crying does not always have to do with hunger. Of course your child will calm down when you put it on. But if you notice that it is not drinking, but just want to nibble, you should calm it down differently. Otherwise your nipple will be sore. Offer him a Nuggi or deal with him lovingly. Soon you will have a good feeling for what your baby wants to tell you. If your baby has colic, it helps him if you carry it on the fly (with his belly in your hand) – or one of our many other tips.

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Anyway you need a lot of rest and a certain regularity of the procedures. Even though all your friends and relatives are sure to visit the baby and you, maybe the baby too – and it would be better to wait a few more days. Then make it a condition that all visitors bring something to your relief: a casserole, a cake, a thermos tea! If the mothers ‘and fathers’ adviser has not yet registered with you, please contact her. It provides free advice and assistance to parents with infants and small children. You are most likely to have received the address from your birth clinic, otherwise you will get it from your local administration or you can find it at

Another important piece of information is that you should never let your baby lie unattended in a place that is not secured on all sides. It is unusual that a newborn is already falling from the changing table or from the parent bed – but it is impossible. If you take this simple approach as a matter of course, you will not be surprised by a sudden mobility move in the coming weeks and months. And this may save your baby’s life. A fall of 80 cm can be dangerous to life.

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