when does a baby's brain fully develop Intelligence and Success
when does a baby's brain fully develop Intelligence and Success

when does a baby’s brain fully develop Intelligence and Success

Although it is assumed that a gifted individual will be successful in society, this process can change with changes in external factors and life circumstances. Only 2 percent of the people who make up the community have an IQ of 130 and above.

If the pregnancy is over stressful, the child can be affected

The emotional state of the mother candidate during pregnancy can also affect the baby’s intelligence. Mothers who are overly anxious, fearful, angry, unhappy and stressful in their pregnancy may be overly sensitive in their childhood. The intense emotions can cause some chemical substances to spread to the body, causing the mother’s belly to move to the circulatory system. As a result, the baby’s brain functions can be significantly affected.

In studies conducted, it has been observed that depressed mothers have slightly different brain activities in their children. When these children are adults, the rate of getting depression is higher.

Does Intelligence Come From The Mother or The Father?

Whether or not the child has passed the intelligence genre through the mother or the father is one of the most curious and debated topics. Intelligence capacity is entirely related to the genetic make-up, but it is not generally possible to determine that the intelligence passed from mother or father.

The intelligence of the children of healthy DNA constructs is also good. Gifted people are often perceived as shy and incompatible by society. However, many studies have shown that those with superior intelligence are able to do much better than many normal people, and are compatible and loved ones. In addition, healthy and well-fed before and during pregnancy is directly proportional to the development of intelligence.

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Must Beat Fish Once a Week

During pregnancy, protein-rich foods such as milk, eggs and chicken should be taken regularly. Carbohydrate-weight foods are consumed and must be eaten once a week. Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish, folic acids, calcium and phosphorus are very important for the development of the brain and nervous system of the baby.

Mother’s Milk is Essential!

Anemia due to iron deficiency can also prevent the child’s intelligence development. For this reason, seasonal greens, beans, hazelnuts, pekmez-like foods should be taken care of the consumption.

In addition, feeding the baby after childbirth to the mother’s paternity also helps to bring the baby’s intelligence to the next level. Because intelligence is a comprehensive concept, it should also provide adequate love and care environment for the child, besides the parenting genes and nutrition. The parental involvement of the child is one of the factors that can influence the development of intelligence in a positive or negative way.

To Improve The Child’s Intelligence.

Healthy and regular nutrition is essential to improve children’s intelligence. Especially in the early childhood period, the value and value of the foods taken for brain development is important. Apart from these, playing a game is also an important activity that improves the intelligence of the child. Regular sports do not only improve physical aspects but also contribute positively to brain development and memory. For this reason, children should be guided to appropriate sports branches according to their ages and capacities.

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