The Importance of Quality Sleep for Brain Development
The Importance of Quality Sleep for Brain Development

The Importance of Quality Sleep for Brain Development

A perfect night’s sleep allows your baby to organize what they learn all day long. It also helps your baby to renew energy stores. Your baby will be happy, fit and most important to start the other day openly to learn. Thus, your baby supports brain development.

The problem of sleeping problems of babies will cause the retardation in brain development and prevent healthy growth. This is a very critical period for mental development and healthy growth during the 0-3 age period, and it is almost impossible to compensate for neglect in this period.

You should get professional support from a pedagogue to solve your baby’s regular sleeping habits and sleep problems. So you will be able to minimize the problems that may arise in the future.

The most rapid development of human life is in the mother’s womb and in the first months immediately after birth. For this reason, 0-3 age is a critical period for healthy growths and mental development of infants.


Because babies grow and develop very fast in this period. Growth and development slow down in subsequent periods. Especially for the brain development 0-3 age period is of vital importance.

Because 80% of the brain development is completed in this period and the brain size almost reaches the adult size. Moreover, it is not possible to compensate for errors and omissions in this period.

If children are neglected in the 0-3 age range, if they are uninterrupted and of good quality, if they are not fed well and are not taken care of properly, they will cause brain growth retardation and it will not be possible to compensate it in later ages.

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For this reason, uninterrupted nighttime sleep, especially REM sleep, plays a very important role for the baby to realize potential brain development.

When babies are born, they spend almost all their time sleeping. As the months progress, they decrease when they are asleep. Parallel to this, as the daytime sleepiness decreases, the sleeping hours increase at night and the nightly sleeps go straight.


The only time babies can get REM sleep without interruption and quality is “night”. Most of the nightly sleeps of babies pass in the REM (Rapid Eyes Movement) sleep, which is vital for brain development. This is also called active sleep.

If your baby is asleep, if your baby is asleep, if she is breathing fast and if she is moving or smiling, this shows that the baby is in REM sleep. REM sleep is a condition between sleep and wakefulness, and the baby is ready to wake up with external influences.

REM sleep is necessary for strengthening the connections between neurons in the brain and for shaping what is learned while awake. If the baby’s night sleep is divided continuously for various reasons and the baby does not get enough sleep, this can cause problems in the baby’s development.

Because the baby can not get enough sleep, the baby wakes up uneasily, does not play, is unconcerned about, has difficulty concentrating on something. He is incompatible and irritable to his surroundings. This will hinder their learning and development by playing games.

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