Intelligence Development in Babies
Intelligence Development in Babies

Intelligence Development in Babies

Every parent wants their children to have a high intelligence capacity. However, in order for the child’s intelligence development to be healthy, the mother should be very careful during pregnancy. As the child’s brain cells begin to form when they are in their mother’s womb, attention should be paid to nutrition and sleep patterns.

In order to develop a healthy brain and nervous system in particular, fish must be consumed once a week. In addition, stress and anxiety should be avoided as much as possible.

Intelligence; that the individual is innately possessed, inherited from the beginning and covering the functions of the nervous system; experience, learning and environmental influence.Skills such as verbal understanding, fluent speech, numerical ability, spatial and space associations, memory and logical thinking are remembered together with intelligence.

There is a very close relationship between intelligence and the brain. The intelligence is considered to be in the brain. Many studies have shown that genes play an important role in the development of intelligence. For example; children’s intelligence scores were more similar to those of their own parents when compared to the intelligence of the adopted children, the intelligence of the step-parents and the self-parents of the infants.

The Development of The Intelligence Begins in The Mother’s Womb

The child’s brain cells begin to develop in the first 3 months of their gestation. It reproduces faster than all other cells and continues throughout the first year after birth. Supportive tissue cells that nourish and nourish neurons are also formed during this period. Since all these cells form the basis of the intelligence that the child will use throughout his or her life, it is very important that the mother candidates are very careful and well looked after during their pregnancy.

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It is Shaped Until 5 Years Old

Children’s mental development is shaped by the age of 5. Approximately 80 percent of the intelligence occurs until this age. The mental-anatomical structures, skills and social characteristics that will affect the child throughout his / her life develop in this respect. For this reason, the most important periods for the child’s intelligence development are preschool years. In these years, the foundation of the child’s personality development is also taken.

The Most Important Factor is Genetic Inheritance

The most important factor affecting the development of intelligence in children is the genetic factor. Parental genes and all traits that determine heritability are accidentally passed on to the child. However, intelligence has an important relevance to the environment as well as heredity. Situations such as personality structure, socio-psychological environment, language ability, motivation, pregnancy conditions, emotional interaction with children and nutrition also affect intelligence development in a big way.

The more the single-egg twins grow in each other’s circles, the greater the difference in intelligence between them. The period in which the brain grows fast and is most susceptible to toxins is the process in the mother’s womb. There is a very close relationship between genetic potential for intelligence development, intense stimulation of the child and nutritional regulation. There is also an individual influence between the family and mental development. it has been observed that children of high-education-level families are more successful than children of low-educated families of the same intelligence level.

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