Importance Of Mother’s Milk For Baby's Brain Development
Importance Of Mother’s Milk For Baby's Brain Development

Importance Of Mother’s Milk For Baby’s Brain Development

Mother’s milk is the most important nutrient for baby’s nutrition. Breastfeeding is a factor that directly affects both physical development and intelligence development of infants. The baby needs to be fed continuously with breast milk for the first 6 months in order for all body functions and intelligence development to proceed normally.

It has also been found that children who have adequate maternity leave can speak more comfortably and properly. Of course, in pregnancy and after the baby has come to the world, it should be known that the intelligence development of the baby is not only a maternal dependent entity. Here are a lot of family intelligence tables and other factors are very big in effect.

Useful Foods Influencing Intelligence Development in Babies

Colin Containing Nutrients

Nutrients that contain choline are the most beneficial nutrients for your baby’s intelligence development. The cholin is known as a vitamin B, which is predominantly in the mother’s milk. The nutrients contained in the cholate affect the baby’s memory directly. The more cholines found in the baby’s brain cells, the higher the memory and intelligence development of the baby. Also, after your baby is 6 months old, you should give your baby your egg yolk.

Iron Containing Nutrients

One of the most common causes of mental disorders in infants is due to iron deficiency. Iron is a compound that carries oxygen to the brain in the baby’s body. Every baby should be fed with iron-containing food in the correct position. Sleeping problems, crying coughs, lack of physical development and lack of intelligence are common in infants who do not consume enough iron. In the first 6 months of the world, iron can only be given with breast milk. However, in order to influence the baby’s intelligence development in pregnancy, iron-containing foods should be consumed. These foods are foods containing intense iron such as red meat, egg whites, grape molasses.

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Zinc Containing Foods

The task of zinc in the body is to convert proteins into energy. It has been shown that when babies do not get zinc enough, they regress their intelligence. The nutrients contained in the zinc in the lunar kernel, nut, red meat, fish, eggs and milk. In pregnancy, you should consume these nutrients during your pregnancy, which contain zinc to help the baby develop intelligence. When your baby arrives in the world, you should give only breast milk for the first 6 months and feed with zinc-containing foods after 6 months.

Foods Containing Antioxidants

In babies, brain injuries can easily come to fruition. It is very important to consume antioxidant nutrients in order to prevent the damage of vulnerable brains of babies. Foods containing antioxidants are walnut, almond, fish oil, egg yolk, soy oil, flaxseed and folic acid, iodized salt and cold sea fish. You should consume these foods during pregnancy before your baby comes to the world. You should also feed your baby with these foods after your baby has been through the six-month period.

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