How to Support Brain Development in Infants?
How to Support Brain Development in Infants?

How to Support Brain Development in Infants?

Toys are very important for brain development in infants. Babies who are trying to recognize the world and become aware of what is happening around them discover new things in each case when they are playing together and playing together. Brain development completes development with age


The role of toys in brain development

Many parents wonder what the best toys are for babies. Which toys are fun, instructive, and safe?


Some parents are not overly concerned with these worries and take every toy they think is educational to their baby. Of course you always want your baby to have the best, but you do not have to get the best for a certain standard.


Toys help babies learn and develop new skills, but it is not wise to completely exclude other connections of development. A toy or toy set alone does not mature a child.


Especially for newborn babies, it does not hold any toys in place of the stimulating relationship that they have established with their parents. You should also give your baby something that fits his development instead of toys that go beyond his skills.


Everyday activities such as bathing and singing together with your baby increase the connection of your baby’s brain cells. When any activity activates your baby’s brain cells as they create new connections and consolidate their old ones, they also remove those that are not being used.

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Place of love in brain development


To help your baby develop brain, first try to establish a warm and caring relationship with your baby. Express your satisfaction with it and help make it feel safe. Highlight its positive features, emphasize. Try to fix the negative features without stressing them.


Be careful of yourself mentally and physically. You can not look at your baby when you’re not good. Also, if you are worried about how your baby is, your baby will be worried about you. Embrace your baby and touch it. Analyze your needs by observing him, playing games with him, understanding what he likes and dislikes.


Every baby is very important for their parents. From birth, every baby has a different structure. Babies develop physically and mentally at different rates. Recognize the progress and difference of your baby, and remember that each baby succeeds in her own way.


Respond to your baby’s signs. Beware of harmony and mood; try not to notice how your mood changes during the day, week, or month. Do not forget that each of you has a good and bad day. Take care to understand what your baby’s feelings tell you with words or movements and what you are trying to do.

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