How should newborn baby care be done?
How should newborn baby care be done?

How should newborn baby care be done?

Families with first-time baby owners may be confused or even excited about how to look after the baby when they come home from the hospital. When you look at the baby, you must first be calm and try to be comfortable. Especially the mothers should try not to stress and be comfortable so that the baby is comfortable.

Newborn Feeding

Mother’s milk is the primary and most important nutrient in the newborn’s diet. On the first day when the baby is born, the baby instinctively begins to suck up the mother and milk is increased a little more in each breast of the baby. You do not need to strase yourself because it is the first time that you have a cold. One of the issues that need to be taken care of is feeding intervals. After the first two days you should breast-feed your baby on average in 2 hours. You need to be careful not to breastfeed your baby on a regular basis. You should not keep the baby in the moth too much. Because when the baby is constantly sucking milk is cut. At the same time, nipple injuries may occur. For this reason, order in breastfeeding is very important.

Another issue that we need to be aware of when babies are sucking is that they do not swallow air during absorption. If they catch air, babies will get gas and they will be as disturbed as gas. Because the mother’s milk affects the baby, she should be careful that her mother is eating and drinking. Otherwise, the baby becomes gas stagnant.

Newborn Sleep

There has been a form of sleep that we have seen in every generation since the past: Swinging. You can sleep a newborn baby in your lap or in the nest by gently shaking it. Thus, the vestibule in the middle ear of the baby is stimulated and the baby’s balance ability begins to develop. The temperature of the room where the baby will sleep is in the range of 21-24 degrees. At the same time, it is necessary to leave the babies on the covered breast covering. Another thing to watch out for when the baby is asleep is that there should not be any toys that will disturb her. Because the newborn baby is moving unaware, while you are sleeping, it helps contribute to the division of sleep.

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Another thing we need to be aware of when laying babies is the infant’s lying positions. The ideal sleeping style for babies is to lay on their backs. When you are lying to the right or left side you have to change it in 10-15 minutes intervals.

Newborn Bath

One of the things to be aware of in a newborn baby is the umbilical cord. We do not recommend that you take your baby out of the bath as long as the belly button does not fall. Instead, we recommend that you wipe your body with a soapy water suitable for the skin. You should also keep the circumference of the umbilical cord clean and do not infect. The umbilical cord falls within 7 to 14 days after the baby is born. One day after the fall of the belly button, you can have a comfortable bath for your baby.

Take care to make the water suitable for the baby’s skin while bathing. When washing, wash with the appropriate shampoo that the baby can use. Another issue with the newborn baby is the frequency of changing the gold. Your baby’s frequent stools means that your stomach is well-fed and your intestines are working well. Be careful to change your baby often. On this count, you can prevent your baby’s ass from becoming diaper rash.

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