How Should Be Baby Nutrition? 0 – 12 Months
How Should Be Baby Nutrition? 0 – 12 Months

How Should Be Baby Nutrition? 0 – 12 Months

One of the most important issues to be aware of since your babies opened their eyes to the world is that their diet is done in the right way.


Babies Between 0-4 Months


Nutrition in 0-4 month old infants should be with breast milk. Breast milk is the most important need of the baby in this period. If breast milk is not available, breast milk equivalent should be given with bottle.


Babies Between 4-6 Months


Babies need additional nutrients besides breast milk during these periods. It will not be a problem if you give semi-liquid purees for 4-6 babies. However, these purees must be absolutely gentle. If the breast milk is not available at this time, the baby should be given 4 to 5 meals a day.


Babies Between 7-8 Months


breast milk is the most important need of the baby in this period. The infant’s mental development and the infrastructure of bone development begin to develop during this period. As a result of the investigations, it has been observed that children who have breastfeeding develop faster. If the breast milk is not present during this period, the baby should be given a continuation product. Fruit and vegetable roots may be preferred for infants during this period. Babies between 7-8 months need something to chew on their mouths during this period. You can solve this problem by giving your babies raw vegetables. For example; you can peel the tomato and give it to your baby. Raw vegetables should be thoroughly washed and not bruised. Fruit pulp is among the foods that can be given to babies between 7-8 months.

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You can give your baby eggs at this time and get them to accustom eggs. Especially after the 8th month, babies are now distinguishing their taste. So the sooner you get your baby into healthy foods, the better for your baby.


Soft foods are preferred for babies who have reached the 8th month. Rice, vegetables and fruit purees are suitable.


Babies Between 10-12 Months


Babies between 10 and 12 months are now able to eat everything in the house. Care should be taken to ensure that the food made for babies is unsalted. The fish will be very useful for babies during this period. In terms of mental development, the fish, which will give vitamin B12 to babies, should be fed as small as possible. During this period you can also feed your baby with meat products.

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