Brain development of babies starts during pregnancy and young people continue until adulthood. Many factors for the development of the baby’s brain are affected either negatively or positively.

In the brain development of babies, there are benefits such as playing games, reading books, interacting with the baby, being with other people.

Baby’s healthy brain development affects its social life as well as its emotional and physical life. The baby’s learning and problem-solving skills are also positively affected.

In the baby’s daily life, the environment of birth and love and trust contribute to the baby’s brain development. Exposure to emotional and physical violence creates adverse effects on brain development, causing a problematic childhood and adversely affecting their lives.

What should you do as a parent for your baby’s healthy brain development?

Try to keep your baby as positive experiences as possible in your daily life. Daily positive experiences help your baby’s mental structure to be positively shaped

Babies need close affinity for love, play, confidence. Of course this is a case of experience. For example, you can better understand what your baby’s crying means in time. For example, babies can cry in many cases. When they are hungry, when they are sick, when they feel uneasy

If you give timely and positive answers to all the needs of your baby, it will also provide important benefits for your baby’s brain development. Your baby grows happier, looks more confident about her surroundings, develops her learning skills, her school life becomes more successful.

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Create an atmosphere of complete love and trust for your baby at home. Reduce the level of stress in your home. Stress has negative effects on the baby’s brain development. A constantly stressful environment in a home is a negative environment for the growth of the baby.

Have fun with your baby. Such activities are useful in the development of infants’ brains. Talk to your baby abundantly, read it, sing it. Simple fun games that you will play with your baby are also very useful. Games contribute to both mental development and physical and social development. In addition to these, do not forget to contact your baby frequently, make contact with her, smile, touch her (hug her).

Be careful that your baby is fed. Babies should be breastfed for the first 6 months if there is no barrier. Breastmilk normally meets the needs of a baby for the first 6 months. Breastmilk is an important source of nutrients for the brain development of infants. After your baby has completed 6 months, start giving additional nutrients. Especially iron-containing foods are important. These foods support the baby’s brain development. You can give it from vegetables and fruits containing iron mineral.

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