Baby’s Brain Development
Baby’s Brain Development

Baby’s Brain Development

The development of the baby in the first year is almost breathtaking. Not only does the size of the baby brain grow incredibly fast, the function also increases a lot. A baby brain has to do a lot right from the start. Many impressions ensure rapid growth 100 trillion switch cells and just as many brain cells are already linked in the brain of a baby. The size of the brain, as opposed to an adult brain, is only one quarter, but this changes as early as the first quarter of the year. In this period the size doubles. No wonder, because a baby is surrounded by countless stimuli and impressions, it wants to explore its environment and learn new things every day.

All this, of course, requires space. The myth of the baby, which only wants to be clean, satisfied and satisfied, has thus been evicted from the world. Brain development already in pregnancy The rapid development of the most complicated organ of a human being does not begin until after his birth. Even in the fourth week of pregnancy, the first brain cells of the fetus develop in the mother’s body. Only a week later these cells enter the first connections.

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This is done through the so-called synapses, of which about 200 trillion are formed. However, only around 100 trillion of these are left to man. Even the learning process begins in the mother’s body. The first stimuli are already trained before the birth, so that the newborn can immediately recognize his mother by smell, voice or mother’s milk. This allows parents to easily promote their development The more parents encourage their baby, the better it can learn and support the development of the brain.

Something that is normal for parents is particularly helpful: cuddling and playing. In this way, the baby’s tactile sense is exercised wonderfully. The taste of the child can be trained if it already has the first mash. During this time, the food received already determines the tastes the child will have. Within the first year of life, hearing and sight are also developing. Charming sounds and things to see should also enrich the child’s everyday life.

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