Baby’s Brain Development in First Year
Baby’s Brain Development in First Year

Baby’s Brain Development in First Year

All babies are genetically programmed to become smart. They have fun learning. From the beginning. And when the parents support them, nothing can go wrong. Then newborns become wise little first graders. But first of all, there is an exciting first year ahead of them, in which they will leave many milestones behind them Trust makes your head clear Trustworthy is the magic word that can bring both small and large people to peak performance. The desire to live and learn is innate in every healthy baby. But what it takes to develop all his gifts is security. The world is able to discover and understand babies best when they feel the constant proximity and protection of their parents or other reference persons. This is the only way to feel safe. Their small brains work especially effectively when they learn relaxed, without fear and stress and can absorb what the environment provides information about.

for children’s healthy development

The pediatric psychiatrist and his colleague Professor Gerald Hüther, neurobiologist at the University of Göttingen, have been researching for years what children need for healthy development. Strong bond to mom and dad Particularly important in the first twelve months: A strong inner bond to mom and dad A secure bond, from which the trust of trust grows, develops in the first year of life. Then when the baby feels understood and his needs for food, warmth, tenderness and stimulus promptly be met. Nature has made it possible for all mothers and fathers to intuitively feel what their child needs. Binding arises when parents trust this intuition, in an interplay with the baby. Through touch, eye contact, dialogue. The love that parents give their child, they get back: as a delightful smile, hilarious squeal in cuddling and cuddling. Through the feeling that they can soothe their baby, and the many small development advances they can observe with him.

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